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The Australian Business Skills program aims to attract business people; investors and senior executives with a proven successful business or investment record, who wish to develop a business in Australia utilizing those skills.

The Business Skills program objective is to capitalize on the business skills of the applicant to enhance the Australian economy by utilizing their links with the international market place, facilitating further employment opportunities in Australia; exporting Australian goods and services to international markets, manufacturing goods that would have otherwise been imported; the introduction of new technology and skills and by increasing industry competition.

The Business Skills program since 2003 is a two stage program (with the exception of the business talent visa) with the initial entry to Australia being a provisional visa. This allows the holder the opportunity to establish a business over the next four years. Once the business has been established and meets the required levels of investment or business activity the provisional visa holder will be able to apply for permanent residency.

To be eligible apply for these classes of visas the applicants must:

  • Be able to demonstrate and overall successful business or investment career.
  • That you have a genuine commitment to the management of a new or existing business or investment that will be beneficial to Australia .
  • That you have not been involved in business activity that would be deemed to be unacceptable in Australia
  • On the grant of the visa have a genuine and realistic commitment to:

Set up an new business or participate
in an existing business, and

  • To participate in the day to day management of the business, and
  • To hold a substantial ownership interest, and
  • To make decisions which affect the overall performance and direction of the business that will be beneficial to Australia .

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