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Skilled Migration

A vital part of the growth of a developed nation is a highly skilled work force.  Like many countries Australia needs skilled workers to fill today’s demands as well as the demands that will occur in the future.  The skilled stream of migration is used to strengthen the Australian Economy by giving applicants with these needed skills permanent residency.

Skilled Migration can be separated into sub categories, which are:

  1. Distinguished Talent
  2. General Skilled Migration
  3. Employer Nominations
  4. Business Skills

The Distinguished Talent is for applicants who have an international recognized record of exceptional and outstanding achievement, in their area of endeavor whether it be sports, business, the arts or academic research.

The General Skilled migration normally requires a point’s test that the applicant must pass.  For the general skills visas that do not have points testing will be nominated and other test will need to be passed in regards to skills.  The three categories of General Skilled Visa’s are onshore, offshore and visas for overseas students.

Employer Nominations (see side tab)

Business Skills (see side tab)

Occupations in Demand

With this in mind the government has created a list of occupations in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) which are the occupations that are acceptable when applying for a general skilled visa.

The government bi-annually reviews the existing and emerging skills shortages in the work force and compiles a Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL); these occupations are identified to be in high demand.  If your nominated occupation is on the MODL you receive extra points and if you also have a job offer then you receive more points as well.

Another benefit of your nominated occupation being on the MODL is that for a skilled visa you can expect a shorter processing time.

Threshold requirements for the skilled visa’s are:

  1. AGE:  under 45
  2. Skilled Occupation
  3. English

Australian Skilled Migration Pass Marks

Skilled Visas


Independent Skilled  

Australian Sponsored

Skilled Independent Regional           

Onshore Independent NZ citizen

Onshore Australian Sponsored NZ citizen

Independent overseas student













If you are unable to meet the pass marks for the skilled migration stream of points based visas, but have the following:

  • Under the age of 45
  • Have good English skills
  • Have suitable qualifications and supporting work experience and the occupation is in demand in Australia (see the skilled occupation list and the migration occupation in demand list.)
  • Have adequate funds to settle in Australia
  • Be prepared to live in  designated areas of Australia


Then you may be eligible to apply for one of the following skilled migration visas, namely:

  • A sponsored visa from an approved Australian Employer, these include;

Employer Nomination Scheme
Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme
Labour Agreements
Invest Australia Supported Skills Program
(See side tab for Employer Nominated Scheme)

  • A State/Territory Nominated Independent visa.   Sponsorship must be from an Australian State or Territory government body.

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